About me

Cristian has a mixed background of Engineering, Business, Marketing & Communication, Performing Arts and Street Culture.

After getting involved in countless projects with a positive impact, Cristian realized that the theme he is passionate about the most is to make people take action. When people make a project happen in the real world, they develop themselves, they have an impact on their surroundings, and they get to understand more of the world around them.

“Finally, when young people who “want to help mankind” come to me asking, “What should I do? I want to reduce poverty, save the world,” and similar noble aspirations at the macro-level, my suggestion is: 1) Never engage in virtue signaling; 2) Never engage in rent-seeking; 3) You must start a business. Put yourself on the line, start a business.” - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

In 2005, Cristian started breakdancing and, since then, competed in 70+ battles globally. After winning the Italian finals in 2009 in Milan, in 2010 Cristian competed in the Chelles Battle Pro World Finals in Chelles, France.

In 2011 Cristian performed at the WeFreeDays in the rehab community of San Patrignano, Italy, an event where international artists share their experiences about empowerment.

In 2014 got his MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Eindhoven, with a thesis on Semitransparent Organic Solar Cells in the group of prof Rene Janssen. Later that year he co-founded the nonprofit, wedowe.

In 2015, Cristian worked in the Post-Master program Smart Energy Building & Cities. He was also one of the 4 national finalists at Shell Bachelor Master Prize with his graduation project. Later that year Cristian, together with Aiman Hassani started #BRAINCANDIES, an out-of-the-box interactive event.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 Cristian did empowerment projects in Nepal, India, Brazil, Bosnia and Morocco, where he also judged breakdance competitions. 

In 2016 Cristian started the workshop platform Like a Pro, with Tom Huizer. He also advocated the power of Hip Hop culture with his theatre piece “Liquido” and with an interview on Bosnian National Television. He took part in the Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program with ConsorzioSIS, a consortium of Italian social enterprises.

Cristian made people take action at, among others, Solliance, Avans, Bedrijvenpark Heron, Trudo, Seats2Meet, Parktheater, HAN university, Jaarbeurs and Natlab.

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