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Business Consultant

People hire me to come up with creative yet effective ideas to solve a business challenge they have, in the field of social impact, communication or human-related processes.

You can see me as a creative person, with skin in the game, who has seen and done a lot and can give you a fresh and useful look on your ideas and projects.

“The curse of modernity is that we are increasingly populated by a class of people who are better at explaining than understanding, or better at explaining than doing.” -Nassim Nicholas Taleb,

My process 

I really enjoy to put some music and use my analog equipment, a pen, few colored markers, and some blank pages to sketch new frameworks for the most diverse experiences to make people take action. I am also available to deliver experiences in my native language, Italian.

1. Our first contact

Let me know if you are interested in a workshop, consultancy work or to host an event. Additional info, such as duration of the experience, and audience size are welcome.

3. The experience

Based on the information we exchanged, I send you an offer. If we agree, I prepare the experience, we brief each other about the last details and
I deliver the experience.

2. The framework

As I like creating new experiences from scratch, I will get back to you with few more questions to understand which framework fits your need the best and if something new needs to be created. 

4. The feedback

Every experience is a great learning opportunity, since it involves different target audiences and different contexts. After the day(s) of the experience, we share our feedback to each other.

Themes I am passionate about


Coaching people on developing their public speaking skills.


Helping young talents become better professionals.


Creating the conditions to make brains think outside the boX.


Facilitating partners collaboration in multi-stakeholders projects.


Practicing inclusion to make organizations and society healthier.
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